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    Roller for a new generation of printing machines
    Our 3D service: Simulation of the pharmaceutical capsule during the design process


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  • – high-standard rotogravure rollers –

    Decades ago, two famous American companies developped steel printing cylinders to print capsules, pills and sugar-coated candy. They have become a standard in the pharmaceutical industry. 
siba produces rotogravure cylinders using high-resolution laser engraving and screening technologies and achieves a new quality standard.
    Rotogravure cylinder with table length up to 500mm and made of hardened steel, are used in different areas:

    For example for the printing of:

    –  Pills
    –  Soft gelatine capsules
    –  Hard gelatine capsules
    –  Textiles
    –  Candy

    and for all kinds of tampo print

    We manufacture all custom-specific needs. Innovation and creativity at your service to suite all your wishes.
    We also privide suitable transfer rollers, PUR in hardness between 18-35 ShoreA